Friday, May 1, 2009

Elsie turns 11 weeks old

Elsie is now 11 weeks old. She is sleeping through the night again after a brief departure in PA. The spit-up volume continues to increase and I am VERY happy that we have hardwood floors!

In addition to the big trip to PA, Elsie continues to try new things. This week, she started to "stand." She obviously still needs a lot of help, but she likes putting the weight on her legs. This compliments her desire to "sit" (also needing support from mom or dad). We have been practicing both skills extensively this week.

Because it was so warm in PA, Elsie got to wear her first dress! Notice how she is stretching out her legs real tall - practicing standing while laying down!

Elsie smiles a lot now. In the morning when she wakes up and is crying, she instantly stops when I walk in the room and start calling her name. It is really funny when she is crying about something, sees me and then smiles while still trying to cry. She is very responsive to both Jack and I and it just makes me all mushy inside. Here is a video of Elsie on the changing table smiling, talking and moving her legs all around (when she is not trying to figure out why the camera is not flashing).

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