Saturday, May 16, 2009

Elsie is 13 weeks old!

Elsie turned 13 weeks old on Tuesday.

Elsie's 13th week was spent getting used to day care. I normally drop her off around 7. Typically she would be getting ready for a nap at this time, but not at day care. It is just too visually stimulating!! Elsie is wide awake as soon as I take her out of her car seat. We play for about 15 minutes, and then I leave for the train. Jack picks her up in the evening around 5, and I join them at home around 6:15. Her daily report card shows that she is eating just fine, but doesn't sleep very much. She is pretty exhausted by the time we get her home - look at that tired baby!

Elsie made me a nice mother's day gift at day care! Unfortunately, her teachers have difficulty spelling... Dad helped her pick out the beautiful flowers!

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  1. Her "teachers" are just not as cool as they think! And most likely are young, like Molly, and think that it's nifty to use slang spelling. I, as an excellent educator, would never do that! HAHA! JK, LOL! Knew you would appreciate that one Kris!