Saturday, May 16, 2009

Elsie meets the Chisamores and some Filkins

Last weekend we took a trip out to Rochelle and Rockford. Our friends, the Chisamores, live in Atlanta, and they were taking a trip around the country visiting their families to show off their triplets, the Chislets (8 months). We just missed them in PA (Jaci and I grew up in the same town), but got to see them when they visited Seth's family in Rochelle. We managed to get a picture of only one of the three, Jake. Ben and Grace can be seen at

Since we were "way out west" we decided to spend the night with Jack's cousins, the Rockford Filkins. We had a great time! We saw a very interesting service on Sunday with Pastor Eric, and enjoyed a great first mother's day. Cari even made me blueberry pancakes!! Elsie still doesn't know how to sleep when she is not in her bedroom, but she had fun hanging out with her second cousins, Cal, Teddy, Mimi, and Lena.

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  1. In the one picture of you and Elsie, you have the same... "I just want to go back to bed" face! She looks like she's getting big!