Sunday, April 24, 2011

Getting ready for the new baby!

Elsie had a good 2-year checkup. She checked in at 34.25 inches and 28 lb, 12oz. The doctor confirmed that Elsie is a good eater...and that it was time to give up the pacifier.

So, after Elsie turned 2, we started working on getting ready for the new baby. First was ending the pacifier use at nap and bed times. It was shocking how well Elsie did!! We just explained that she was a big girl, and big girls don't use pacis. Elsie did so well, that after a few weeks, we decided to move on to the next milestone...the big girl room and big girl bed.

Elsie had been helping us get her new room ready for a couple months. We started moving more and more toys into her new room, and then it was time to move Elsie! The first night in the big bed, I think she was asleep within 5 minutes! We had one night were she fell out of bed and multiple nights of Elsie taking off her jammies. But, Elsie now knows that she has the room with the big bed and that her old room is for the baby. So smart!

"My sleep big bed like Mommy and Daddy."

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