Sunday, April 24, 2011

Elsie's 2nd Birthday Party

Elsie had a birthday party with some friends from school, Ava, Lucy, and Kati-Anne. All were excited about the Elmo theme, the balloons, and seeing each other all dressed up. The girls enjoyed playing at the table and in the kitchen with the food.

Elsie has started drinking coffee and sharing with Mommy and Daddy. Yum!

Then came time for the real food. Elmo pizza for the girls!

The big girls got to eat at their own table. They just thought this was normal, since they do it at school every day. But, this was new for the parents!

Time for Elmo cake! J-Ma and Grandma helped Mommy mix all of the bright colors for the cake.

Elsie struggled to focus on blowing out the candle. It was too much fun being the center of attention with everyone singing happy birthday to Elsie.

"My eat Elsie's birthday!" Elsie has chosen to abbreviate this sentence. There were quite a few red mouths, hands, and dresses after the cake. I think we may have added a bit too much food coloring... It came off on the sheets during nap time!

Daddy did a good job managing the presents. Difficult with four excited girls!

Elsie was very excited about the tutu she received from Ava!

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