Sunday, April 24, 2011

Elmhurst Easter Egg Hunt

We left Elsie's gymnastics class a little early to get to the Elmhurst Easter egg hunt. Daddy skipped basement duty in the morning to join us at the hunt.

It was a cool, wet day, so I was not expecting a huge attendance. The swarm of 1-3 year-olds and their parents was amazing...and slightly terrifying for Elsie.

Elsie and Daddy found a couple pencils and some bubbles by hanging out in the back. Elsie even shared a pencil with her friend, Emma, who arrived just a couple minutes too late to get anything from the hunt.

Elsie had fun playing with the bubbles until she tried to eat them. No wonder the bottle says not for children under 3!

The best thing about the Easter egg hunt was that Elsie finally stopped being scared of the Easter bunny. Its amazing what some chocolate eggs will do for your reputation!

The sun came out after the hunt, and we moseyed on back to the car. Elsie did one of her favorite things on the way back - walking on the curb.

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