Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Guess who is 7 weeks old!

Elsie is now 7 weeks old. As you can see from these photos, Elsie is already taking after her mother - she is a total ham!! Look at these great smiles! In the last photo, Elsie demonstrates what happens when you ask a 7-week old to sit up for too long.

She has added two new skills this week. First, she now definitely sucks her thumb on occasion. After a nap, as she tries to wake up, I see her frantically sucking her thumb. At the same time she hits herself in the back of the head / ear with the opposite hand - she is still working on her motor skills. I am wondering if she is left handed - she only sucks the thumb on her left hand. Or maybe she knows that in the future, she will need her right hand for more difficult tasks?

Secondly, she has successfully fallen asleep while watching the mobile three times in row!! Of course, the next 25 times we tried it, it totally didn't work. Oh well.

As promised, I captured a few "big smile" pictures.

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