Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

So Jack and I finally remembered how to take videos with our camera. So why April Fools? Because you will have to watch them with your head at a 90 degree angle. We took them with the camera vertical, and I can't figure out how to rotate the video. Yes, I am a 31 year old engineer and don't know how to edit videos. I am a PC.

Here is a video of Elsie sitting on my lap one evening, practicing holding her head up straight. As her mother, I think she is doing astonishingly well for her age (but, then again, I have nothing to compare it to). It also gives you a good feel for how much she loves to move! If you turn on the sound, you can hear her hiccups.

Here is a video of Elsie playing on the family room floor. If you hold out until the end, you will see a few of Elsie's big smiles.

Next time, I will be sure to shoot the videos with the camera horizontal...

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  1. Try using Windows Movie Maker, under effects use one of the rotate options