Thursday, April 9, 2009

Elsie is 8 weeks old

Here is our beautiful Elsie at 8 weeks.

Elsie has continued to improve on some skills learned earlier, including sucking her thumb, interacting with some toys (her favorite is the gloworm), and smiling for mom and dad (and any other visitors).

Here is Elsie playing in her jungle gym, including some quality tummy time.

Elsie spent her first evening with babysitters!! Our friends, Jill and Scott, volunteered to take her for a Friday evening while Jack and I enjoyed a delicious meal and a few drinks!! Jack and I enjoyed it very much, and Jill and Scott did a wonderful job with Elsie.
My appologies for a lack of posts this week. In Elsie's eigth week, she specialized in not sleeping very much (and, therefore, being more cranky than usual). Here is a photo of cranky Elsie and our poor cats hiding in the office together.

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