Monday, March 23, 2009

Jack's birthday!

On Sunday, Jack celebrated his 32nd birthday. We started off the day by going to church - Mom and Elsie were excited to get dressed up for the big event.

Then we celebrated with Jack's favorite birthday cake - yellow cake with chocolate frosting. You can see Elsie is quite scared of all of those candles!! And then much happier once Jack blows them all out.

On Saturday, we took Elsie downtown for the first time to visit Jill and Scott. Jill and Kristi enjoyed a nice afternoon getting our nails done. Meanwhile, Elsie hung out with Jack and Scott enjoying some march madness. Here, Jill is amazed by all the poop and spitup our tiny daughter generates!


  1. Well, Jack, that sure looks like a lot of candles!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Jack!! We really miss you guys. Give Dave a call so we can catch up. Love me