Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Elsie is 5 weeks old

On Tuesday, Elsie turned 5 weeks old. This week, Elsie has added a new trick to her bag - eating from a bottle! (This means mom has also added a new trick - pumping). In preparation for her daycare days, Jack has been feeding Elsie with a bottle once a day. She has done great switching back and forth!

Elsie's pleasant times are becoming longer and more playful. She still enjoys the changing table, but I took these photos in the family room. She enjoys watching the fan on the ceiling and the various toys Mom places in front of her.

We have also been going on long walks in the afternoon when the weather cooperates. It was 72F on Tuesday, and we were out for 2 hours! Dad joined us on this particular walk, and we enjoyed root beer floats from Hamburger Heaven.

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