Friday, March 27, 2009

Elsie is 6 weeks old

Elsie hit the 6 week milestone on Tuesday. It is amazing to watch her learn to do new things every week. This week, she has become interested in the mobile that hangs on her crib. In the mornings after she eats and gets dressed, the mobile entertains her while mom gets dressed for the day. She talks to her "friends" on the mobile - her favorite is the butterfly.

She has also learned that her fingers are pretty tasty! Elsie really enjoys sucking on things, like her pacifier, so we are very excited for Elsie to learn to use her fingers as her pacifier. She has conquered sucking on her fingers or thumb a few times, but it only lasts for a couple seconds. The other times, Elsie just licks her fingers and then smears the drool all over her face...

Elsie also enjoys playing after a nice meal. She lays on the blanket in the family room and looks around at all of the great sights, including the outdoors, the ceiling fan, and a large green and red tulip painting. During this time, she also likes to give mom and dad great big smiles! I enjoy these smiles too much to pull away and find the camera. Next week, I will try to capture some smiles to share with all of you. In the meantime, here she is hanging on the couch:

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