Saturday, August 10, 2013

Five months of Baby Prep

It took five months, but we are finally ready for Baby #3!

The month of April was dedicated to conversion of the guest room to Elsie's new princess room.  She picked pink paint for the walls, we sewed a beautiful canopy for the bed, and completed the look with matching fuchsia dust ruffle, paint accents and lamp.

We moved most of the furniture and rug from Elsie's old room into her new room.

Sleepy Elsie!

In Elsie's new room, she has her own purple bathroom!

During the month of May, we worked on Duncan's new room.  The orange paint color was kept the same, but we hung new curtains, sewed a new duvet cover, picked out a matching run, and built some new IKEA furniture.

Moving to the new room meant that Duncan got to move to a big boy bed.  After a few days, Duncan learned to stay in bed.  And now he waits patiently in his bed for Mom or Dad to get him even after he wakes up in the morning.

It took a while to find, but we procured the best fabric for Duncan's duvet cover!  Lots of balls!

Smiley Duncan!!

During the months of June and July we worked on finishing up the basement and were able to close our permit after 2.5 years!!  Jack did a fantastic job on this huge project, taking the basement from concrete walls to a beautiful livable space!!  Of course, Papa Pete and J-Ma were a big help, too!  We have a big play space...

...a great new sewing and crafting space...

...and even a small kitchen.

We also added a full bathroom to the basement.

At the end of July, we started nesting, getting the baby's room all ready for its big arrival.

We had lots of laundry to do, too!!  Such cute little clothes (but so hard to fold!).

And now that it is August 10, we are just days away from delivery day!!

Here's how number 3 compares to Duncan:

and Elsie:

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