Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Elsie's and Duncan's adventures with J-Ma and Papa Pete!

We were so fortunate to have J-Ma and Papa Pete stay with us for 16 days before and after Isaac's birth!  Elsie and Duncan had lots of individual attention, and went on a few fun adventures!  First stop was the splash park for Duncan.

Duncan is really interested in running water.  He runs little experiments with flow control, and likes to watch the water turn on and off.  At the splash park, Duncan was able to turn the wheels to change the flow rate of the water!  He loved it!!

One of Elsie's favorite activities is reading!  We had a fresh batch of books from the library waiting for J-Ma and Papa Pete.

The kids like to play "band" together.  They each pick out an instrument and play them while singing, sometimes marching around the house, sometimes including other family members in the band.  It can get pretty loud, but it is great fun to watch them play together!

Elsie and Duncan took J-Ma and Papa Pete to the farmers market on Wednesdays.  We had lots of corn...and lots of helpers for shucking the corn!

J-Ma and Papa Pete took the kids to the zoo on a nice, cool day.  They got to see the brand new baby giraffe!

J-Ma was particularly impressed with the kids at the zoo park.  It was pretty crowded, and Elsie just took Duncan's hand and helped him maneuver around the big kids.  They waited patiently for their turn at the top of the slide, and even then stayed together on the way down!  Such wonderful siblings!

They all went to the DuPage Children's Museum one day.  Elsie really enjoyed taking to all of the Elsies in the big mirror!

And Duncan had fun watching the "choo choo train."

More water experiments for Duncan!  Fill up the cup, dump it out, and repeat!

Elsie and Duncan had fun with the air exhibit making pinwheels spin.

Then it was time to put on the goggles and go into the air tube!

They played outside a lot in the afternoons when the construction next door stopped.  And since Duncan has (mostly) stopped eating the sidewalk chalk, they were able to draw on the driveway again!


And it wouldn't be a visit from Papa Pete without a project!  Papa Pete made these wonderful shelves for the basement for toy storage!!  Now, we just need to fill them up!  Of course, they were also a great help in the kitchen and with the laundry (and with a bunch of other small house projects!).

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