Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Morton Arboretum in June

June 4, 2012

Elsie and Duncan had a couple days off from school before the Summer session began at EA.  So, Mommy got a couple days practicing being a stay-at-home Mom before the big switch in July.
We enjoyed a yummy snack in the shade at the big climber!

Speaking of big climbers!!  Elsie made it up to the top of the acorn for a cute picture!

Meanwhile, Duncan kept busy playing with the propellers.  Spin!

Duncan showed off his open-close-open-close skills.

Elsie and Duncan had a blast in this tiny cabin!

Hi Mom!

A BIG SHINY BALL!!  Duncan was in heaven!

Climbing on the rope bridges is so easy for our super climber!

Duncan had fun jumping up and down on the ropes, making it much harder to Elsie to cross!

Elsie did it!  All by herself!  All the way across the ropes!

And on the way out, I picked up a membership to the arboretum!  Can't wait to come back soon!

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