Thursday, November 29, 2012

Aunt Candice's Wedding at Buehler's Idlewild Inn

June 20-21, 2012

Aunt Candice's 4-day wedding extravaganza started off at Buehler's Idlewild Inn in the Poconos.  The girls kicked off the celebration by relaxing in the 100-year old swing...and promptly breaking the chains!  Everyone was OK, we had a good laugh, and the swing was fixed by the next day!

We kicked off the next morning with a delicious breakfast and a girls' walk.  Go Team Bride!

Elsie and Mommy enjoyed exploring in the forest.  Although we spend a lot of time outside, we don't often get into the woods.  Elsie learned about moss and navigating through the undergrowth.

A great picture of Elsie walking back down the path to the Inn.  A big difference from her ride on my shoulders up the hill!

After the hike, we hit the lake.  Aunt Kate, Mommy, and Elsie enjoyed the pedal boat.

And then Elsie got another ride with Papa Pete in the canoe.

We cooled off in the pool for a while, waiting for the boys to return from their hot golf outing.  The Phippses were very lucky - we slept in the only air conditioned room in the cabin.  It can be great travelling with the little ones!

 Then it was wedding ceremony time!

Aunt Kate took some fantastic photos of our little Duncan while the girls finished getting ready.

Such a handsome boy!

Uncle Pete was the officiant, and Elsie loved that his tie matched her flower girl dress.

Aunt Kate tried real hard, but Duncan was not in the mood to take a picture with Elsie!

Elsie and Matty were the flower girls.  Since Elsie was the experienced member of this duo, she helped get Matty down the aisle.  These two were so cute all weekend!!

Our precious Duncan!

G-Gma and Papa!

The Bullard siblings!

Elsie and Matty got a ride in the wagon after the ceremony and had so much fun!

Wrapping the ribbons around the handle.

Aunt Candice and Uncle Josh

Our family!

J-Ma and Papa Pete

Aunt Kate and Uncle Pete

So after the ceremony and dinner, we hung out near the pool.  Elsie and Matty decided to play on the hammock.  I think this thing actually occupied them for 30 minutes...and provided all of us some fun entertainment, as well!!

A great video of the girls!

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