Sunday, September 11, 2011

Staycation 2011 - Trains and Watering the flowers

On Wednesday of our Staycation, we rode on a train! Elsie's first real train ride! We sat on the top level one way, and then the bottom level on the way home. Elsie held on tight to her ticket during the entire trip.

We took the train to Glen Ellyn to a train restaurant! The food arrived on a train, Thomas the Tank Engine was playing on two TVs, and there was a lot of train whistles! Elsie had a lot of fun (still holding onto her train ticket).
Choo choo!
We had time in the evening to get back out to our flower beds and water our flowers. Elsie asked to help water the flowers...and instead started watering Mommy!
We had a lot of fun running around the front yard!

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