Sunday, September 11, 2011

Phipps Farm - Summer

We headed down to the farm for an extra long Labor Day weekend. It was very warm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (upper 90s) so we got in some great end-of-the season pool time.
Elsie and Leah just love playing with Daddy / Uncle Jack.
Grandpa took Elsie for a swim.
And Uncle Jack took Leah.
Grandma cuddled with Duncan under the umbrella, and he fell fast asleep.
Elsie got in a lot of reading time with Grandpa.
And Grandma entertained Duncan on the floor.
At one point, Duncan rolled over while playing, and was looking very sleepy. I just let him snuggle in with his thumb and he fell asleep by himself!
So precious!
Elsie helped keep Duncan busy by setting up these books around him. She is such a great helper!
Elsie was pretty friendly with Maizy this time, giving her some nice pets.
And then Elsie would run away when Maizy got too licky!
There were many apples ready for eating up at Aunt Kris and Uncle Aaron's house. Elsie does not normally like apples, but was a huge fan of these!
We walked over to the corn and threw in the apple core when we were all done.

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