Monday, February 7, 2011

Christmas Morning

Santa left many beautiful presents by the tree and filled the stockings by the toasty coal stove!

The children and grandchild waiting to come downstairs.

Wow! Santa brought Elsie an inflated jumping horse!! Elsie was sure to check it for defects before getting on.

Wee! Jump, jump, jump, jump!

A cow hat from Aunt Candice and a flower hat (complete with matching dress) from Aunt Becky!
Elsie got wooden food from Mommy and Daddy. She thought the fish was great, and just started swimming it around. We'll save the lesson about how we EAT that fish for another day... A Mr. Potato head from J-Ma and Papa Pete - Elsie was so excited when she saw the same Mr. Potato head on the TV while Toy Story was playing!

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