Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chicago Blizzard 2011

We had a real blizzard and real snow days for Mommy, Daddy and Elsie last week! The snow was up to Elsie's chest at the back door!

Elsie chose to celebrate the occasion by sneaking off to the mud room, removing her pajamas, and putting on boots. She then grabbed her stroller to go for a walk! You will notice the extension cords in the photo - we actually lost power the night before and had to get the generator all hooked up. Fortunately, the outage only lasted 1.5 hours...we left the extensions cords out just in case!

Time for Daddy to shovel!

Elsie and Mommy went outside to make sure Daddy was still feeling OK after a few hours of shovelling.

So much snow!!

Elsie is starting to enjoy the snow more and more as the winter carries on. She really enjoyed being at the top of the piles like this one!

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