Sunday, November 8, 2009

Elsie is 38 weeks old

Elsie turned 28 weeks old on Tuesday.

It is so difficult for her to sit still these days...

This week I thought I would highlight the favorite spot in the house. The cats like to hand out by the door and meow anytime a human moves, with the hopes that maybe they will get to go outside. Elsie like to be outside, too, so we often see her banging at the door. (At night, she likes looking at the baby on the other side of the door!) Elsie's presence, of course, causes the cats to run away. But this week, we were able to capture a few pics of Elsie, Betty, and Lazarus all n their favorite spot.

Elsie really enjoys school, the teachers, and all of the activities. They are still going outside quite a bit. Here is a picture from another indoor painting session. She definitely paints more at school than she ever would at home with her neat-freak mom!

And the update from school:

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