Friday, September 18, 2009

Elsie turned 31 weeks old

Elsie turned 31 weeks old on Tuesday. During the week, Elsie also hit the 7-month mark (just 3 days after Jack and I hit our 7 year wedding anniversary!)

Elsie really enjoys playing with loud toys. She loves picking up blocks and banging them together, banging them on another plastic toy, or banging them on the hardwood floors!

Elsie started a new day care in her 31st week! Officially, they call themselves a school - Elmhurst Academy to be exact! We really love this center! Right now there are only 4 babies with 2 teachers (going up to 6 babies in a few weeks) in a large room! The teachers really interact well with the babies, planning lots of fun activites with them and getting on the floor to play. Plus, they send us pictures throughout the week! Here are a few:
Elsie's new friend is Remy - he is about 1 month younger than Elsie.

The teachers engage the babies in "projects." This month, they are exploring apples.

They go outside a lot, which we all love! They have a stroller that holds three babies at a time.

Here are a couple more cure pics of Elsie in front of the big mirror and playing at the table (lots of little chairs nested inside of a table takes the place of highchairs).

Here is the newsletter from the week - we will get one of these every Friday! Enjoy!

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