Monday, September 14, 2009

Elsie is 30 weeks old

Elsie turned 30 weeks old on Tuesday.

You can see from the drool on her shirt that Elsie has made progress in the teething category. She has her bottom two teeth and drools like she should get the rest of them tomorrow!
Elsie loves being outside, so we try to go out in the yard every night before we go up to bath / bed.

Lately, we have been practicing tummy time on hands and knees! The grass is a great place for this, since Elsie can grab onto the grass for help. She also uses the grass to help her roll over.

From the pictures, you would think that she is having fun. Take a look at the video for the truth - Elsie still does not enjoy tummy time...

Elsie still enjoys standing up the most. Now she can hold herself up for a few moments before tumbling to the side.

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