Monday, February 16, 2009

The Elsie Tree

On Saturday, Elsie received a beautiful Norfolk Island Pine from her Barry Callebaut Family. We are so grateful for this gift, and are looking forward to watching it grow with our daughter. How long before Elsie is taller than the tree? Thanks to Grandma Jan (our family Master Gardener), we also learned that this house plant is extremely easy to care for. Thank you so much Barry Callebaut!


  1. Jan says it's a pine - not spruce.

    Coulda fooled me...


  2. congratulations kristina !! you have a beautiful "little" girl !!!
    my boy did not show up either yet ! but my date is only tomorrow so no panic !!
    hope everything going well for you !
    here`s my personal email if you needed it
    take care and enjoy every little minute with this new love !!