Thursday, February 26, 2009

Betty and Lazarus

We haven't forgotten about our wonderful cats during the last couple weeks. They have actually adjusted very well. Lazarus hangs out with us in Elsie's room and in the family room when Elsie is with us. He likes to be near Jack and I and is tolerant of Elsie. When I put Elsie down next to Lazarus, he is fine - as long as Elsie is asleep. When she starts moving, he slinks back in fear. Poor guy.

Betty does what she always does. She ignores everyone except for a couple specific times during the day when she demands to be pet. Here they must have been huddling together for comfort during one of Elsie's fussy periods.


  1. J & K:

    Thanks for the photos. I'm up the street at ORD trying to score a standby to DFW and the pictures were the best part of my day.

    Is it me or does she look exceptionally gifted?


  2. Does Lazarus out weigh the baby? Cause he looks HUGE!