Sunday, March 16, 2014


On February 9, the weather got much warmer and we went to Epcot!

This crew went to the Chevrolet Test Track, where they designed cars and then tested them on the track.  The cars went really fast!  Mommy, Daddy, and the boys went on Spaceship Earth, where we traveled into the big Epcot ball!

We met up with Uncle Henry, Aunt Patti, Bill and Brooke, and their family.  Then we went on Ellen's Energy Adventure, where we got to see some great dinosaurs.  After lunch, we went to Turtle Talk with Crush, Soarin, and the Seas with Nemo and Friends.  Elsie says her favorite ride of the entire trip was Soarin!  Then we traveled into Mexico, Norway, and China, where we rode a few rides, got a peek at Princesses Anna and Elsa, and watched the Chinese acrobats.  On our way to dinner at The Coral Reef Restaurant, we posed for these great Epcot photos with the group.

We were all so excited to meet our first characters!  First, we got to meet Mickey Mouse.  Elsie was very interested in Mickey Mouse's autograph.


Duncan was pretty confident going up to Mickey, but I think this big hug scared Duncan a bit.  When it came time for the family photo, he needed to be held.

Mickey Mouse with the family, including a sleeping Isaac.

Then it was our turn to meet Goofy!  Elsie gave him a nice, big kiss!

And Isaac started waking up!  I can't imagine what he thought when he saw this huge head looking at him!

Duncan was a bit nervous to meet Goofy, but he did like playing with his whiskers.

Elsie was so excited to take a girly picture with Minnie Mouse...

and Duncan was doing his best to not run away from Minnie's hug!

The whole family with Minnie Mouse!

We capped off our evening by staying for the Illuminations show and fireworks at 9pm!  The kids were great, considering it was way past their bedtime!  The fireworks were just a bit bigger than the ones we normally see at Grandpa's house!  We took the monorail back to the hotel, and got to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks, too, while sitting on the monorail.  Everyone was pretty tired, and we didn't have any problems with kids falling asleep quickly!

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