Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This was Elsie's first year trick-or-treating! It was a big success! Elsie went as an elephant - this was actually her assigned "vocabulary word" for her school's Vocabulary Word Parade (I guess a Halloween parade is not educational enough). Elsie has a stuffed elephant that she sleeps with at school, so Elsie is a big fan of soft, fluffy elephants!

I have candy in my pumpkin!! I am so excited!

Wow! Can I have this?

Let's go back out for some more candy!

What exactly did you put in the pumpkin? Better not be healthy... Elsie didn't say much at our neighbors' houses. She just smiled really big and inspected what was just placed in the pumpkin. We'll have to work on the manners for next year.

Heading back home.

Dad - let's inspect what is in the pumpkin.
Oooh. Pretzels! "Oooh" is one of Elsie's favorite words at the moment.

Elsie picked M&Ms as her first candy, because she is so familiar with the characters on the bag - they are located throughout the Bullard house. Papa Pete was so proud (he used to work for Mars).
Elsie got to eat a bag of the regular M&Ms (we'll save peanut for next year). She shared the M&Ms with both Mommy and Daddy.
Elsie's favorite words are now "candy" and "costume." I wonder how many more times we will have to pull out the elephant costume in the month of November.

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