Saturday, September 18, 2010

Washington DC - Day 1

We took a great vacation out east for the end of the summer. We spent the first leg of the trip in DC visiting Aunt Becky and Brad. J-Ma and Papa Pete came down, too, for a few tourist activities.
First stop was the Air and Space museum. It hasn't changed one bit since my last visit 15 years ago! Elsie was in a particularly photogenic mood on the second floor overlooking all of the airplanes.

Family photo in front of the Hubble Telescope.
Elsie was very accommodating - she took her naps in the stroller (even in 96F weather!!). Here is Elsie and Papa Pete enjoying the fountain in the sculpture garden.

One of our favorite sculptures - a large metal tree!

At the Museum of American History, they had a fun room for kids exploration in the Science and Technology wing. We also saw a great exhibit of transportation, Julia Child's kitchen, and the first ladies' dresses.

At the exit, we each took a photo with something fun. Jack chose C3PO, and I chose the old field hockey stick.

We took a nice walk to the Washington Monument. Elsie kept her trusty friends, Elmo and the hat, nearby during most of the day.

We posed for a few pictures at the Washington Monument overlooking the reflecting pool and the Lincoln Memorial. J-Ma and I were dressed as twins! Can you figure out who is who?
We left DC for Becky's house at 5:00. Oops. All of the commuters were headed home for the day, and there was a train delay. We were really packed in, and Elsie did not enjoy the train ride as much as we had hoped.
Aunt Becky mad a delicious birthday dinner and cake for me! Happy Birthday to me!

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  1. Sorry we missed you guys! Next time you are in DC give us a holler and we'll have you over. We live about 15 minutes from the National Mall!