Sunday, August 15, 2010

Morton Arboretum with Sara Lee

Sara Lee had a nice family picnic at the Morton Arboretum. Since we had already been there once, we were prepared! Elsie enjoyed the secret stream early in the day before it was filled with other toddlers!!
Elsie enjoys picking up the tiniest things off the ground. Normally, this includes trash (gum, cigarette butts, etc.), but it also includes rocks and pebbles! Fortunately, he stream had a few fun rocks to explore.
Elsie tried to follow the big kids!
back at the Sara Lee picnic grounds, Elsie found a hula hoop. Check out that tongue! She is trying so hard!

Then I guess it was time for a break. Elsie sat down near the hula hoops, and just kept pulling more on top of her. Then she leaned back and took a little rest!

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