Monday, July 5, 2010

Bullard family reunion in Georgia

We went down to Georgia for a Bullard family reunion (Aunts, Uncles, and cousins). First we stopped in Atlanta to meet up with Candice and Josh. We squeezed in a quick trip to see Jaci and the Chislets. Here is Elsie (second from left) with the Chislets (Jake, Grace, and Ben) at snack time.
We drove to a lake near Augusta and stayed in cabins for the weekend. Elsie loved the beach. Such a big girl now - walking around in the water all by herself.
Maneuvering through the waves so carefully! There were a lot of boats in the area, so we got to experience some nice waves!!
Elsie spent a lot of time playing with the rocks on the beach. She likes to pick them up, hand them to us, and then knock them out of our hands. She also likes to take the smaller rocks and rub them on our legs. These rocks were really beautiful and she kept a few of her favorites in her hands for a long time that morning!
We played in the lake again in the afternoon with all of the cousins. Elsie loves the 1...2...3...jump game. She doesn't jump until she is completely out of the water - but it is, at least, a good workout for mom!

After a crazy storm blew through, we enjoyed a beautiful evening on the lake.