Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our little girl

Elsie is really becoming a little girl these days. She is fascinated with a drawer where I keep hand lotion and chapstick. She gets the lotion out, opens the lid, squeezes out a little lotion, closes the lid, and repeats it over and over - until the lid snaps shut. Then she throws a little tantrum until we come help.

Elsie also likes to play with shoes. She carries shoes out of the mud room and puts them down in the middle of the floor or requests that we put them on our feet - "Mama. Shoe. Shoe. Shoe. Shoe. Mama. Shoe." There have been many times recently when Jack and I have step on or tripped over a random shoe. She is still working on figuring out how to get the shoes on her feet!

So pretty in her new dress from G-G-Ma!

And then there are days when Elsie comes home from school looking like she spent all day in the dirt and sand. When it is really hot, they spray the kids with water, so she is just a mess after a day on the playground!

So sleepy after a fun day at school! Time to go upstairs for a long bath!

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