Sunday, March 14, 2010

Key West with butterflies and Bullards

While we were in Florida, we spent a day in Key West with Uncle Pete and Kate (who were also in the Keys for vacation). We started off the day in the butterfly conservatory. There were so many butterflies, birds, and fish! Elsie really enjoyed chasing after them. We really enjoyed chasing after Elsie (of course, there was a "no grabbing the butterflies" policy!).

One of the butterflies landed on my hand!

We stopped into a shop for some key lime pie (and to warm up a bit - it was 57F!). Elsie's jacket matched perfectly!

Elsie took her first silly tourist photo, posing as a mermaid! We enjoyed some eclectic tapas for dinner under the heat lamps. I realize now that I see this great picture of Pete, Kate, and Elsie, that we failed to get a family photo! I guess we will just have to go back for another visit!


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  2. Had a great time with you guys that day!! Still can not get over how crazy it was that we found that bench haha... Where did Elsie go???