Thursday, August 20, 2009

Elsie turns 26 weeks old

Last Tuesday (Aug 11), Elsie turned 26 week old! The day prior (Aug 10), Elsie hit the 6-month mark! Elsie weighed in at 18 lbs, 2 oz. She is now 26" tall and her head is 42.9 cm in circumference.

Also during her 26th week, Elsie took her first trip to the pool! It is hard to tell from the photos, but Elsie had a lot of fun! And so did Mom - I went down the water slide during adult swim!

Elsie is getting really good at making a mess with her cereal. She does really well with both the rice cereal and oatmeal.

Elsie really enjoys piggy back rides. This is our latest go-to when Elsie is cranky or tired.

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